Software Site Builder

A Software Directory Can Add Hundreds, Even Thousands, of Topical Pages To Your Site...

...and attract search engine spiders like bees to honey.

Dear Webmaster,

Whether you're building sites to take advantage of AdSense or directing traffic to a sales page, building sites with valuable content is an important part of your Internet business.

And for nearly every niche, there are shareware and freeware programs looking for promotion on your website.

Software Site Builder will automatically generate a niche software directory that will offer valuable content to both the search engines and your visitors.

Make your website one that people bookmark and return to again and again!

Better yet, do it automatically!

Why Software Site Builder?

  • Don't dilute your niche -- you can choose your own keywords and categories. As many or as few as you need.
  • Create a one page list, or a large directory with lots of categories
  • Each piece of software has its own page on your custom template. Your directory will blend in perfectly with your website
  • Promote your own products in your template, or add your products to the directory with the built in form
  • Enter your affiliate ID for the various programs to earn revenue from sales of shareware
  • Lots of opportunites for Adsense and Affiliate revenues!

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